Thermage FLX 900 發 全面及頸 – 醫生主理 (預訂金deposit) 原價$17800,訂金$8900



LAMBRE HEALTH採用最新第五代Thermage®FLX,利用專利單極射頻技術,立體加熱安全地直達深層皮膚,令膠原蛋白逐漸增生,達到即時3D環迴收緊效果,持續塑造立體輪廓。適用於眼部較薄的皮膚,改善上下眼瞼和眼周細紋、面部以及身體不同部位。



隨著年齢增長,皮膚膠原蛋白開始流失,導致皮膚出現皺紋、鬆弛、下垂老化現象。LAMBRE HEALTH採用最新第五代Thermage®FLX,利用專利單極射頻技術,立體加熱安全地直達深層皮膚,令膠原蛋白逐漸增生,達到即時3D環迴收緊效果,持續塑造立體輪廓。適用於眼部較薄的皮膚,改善上下眼瞼和眼周細紋、面部以及身體不同部位。


Thermage FLX is the newest generation of Thermage® technologies known for non-invasively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Cleared by FDA, the system uses patented radiofrequency technology to create a uniform heating effect in the deep collagen-rich layers of the skin, which tightens collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen.  The Thermage FLX features a new optimized AccuREP™ technology that automatically measures and tunes the amount of energy delivered to the treatment area.